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"An essential resource for the area. The staff are brilliant.

My son Luke loves spending time there."

Aidan Kelly, PARC (Essex) Parent

"This is the most amazing place in the world.

My disabled son has been accessing this place for about 5 years for respite services. The staff are out of this world friendly helpful and just so caring.

If it wasn't for PARC I think I'd be in the loony bin they are always there for you

not just your child.

Thank You guys xxxxx"


Jan Roblett, PARC (Essex) Parent

"PARC is a great place for children to enjoy sensory stimulation and learn

to build positive relationships in a social environment.
My son had made soo much progress since he started it brings a tear to

my eye to think about it.  

People travel from far and wide to take advantage of these rare facilities.  

I love the Sunday family stay and play as it's a great opportunity to get to

know people who have had similar experiences and can understand the

day to day difficulties of the children; and the families of children,

with special needs.
Could never thank them enough."


Laura Wickham, PARC (Essex) Parent


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