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This Summer saw our biggest Holiday session to date, with over 120 children and young people attending both activities and clubs at our PARC Centre, as well as having a fantastic time out on trips with our Playworkers!  

Find out what happened here...

Our Summer season is one of the busiest for PARC and our holiday managers and team spend months preparing exciting trips and workshops to ensure all our children get the most out of any session attended and of course have a great time too!


This year we provided over 160 hours worth of respite and our parents feedback has been extremely positive:

"Without PARC, we as a family would go crazy during the long 7 weeks off school.  Charlie needs to have things to do and this allows us a break, knowing he is having a good time.  It's so important that he's in a familiar place.  It is excellent value and affordable.  The Saturday club is fantastic too.  Please let those who donate know how important the play scheme is for all of us.  There is simply nothing like PARC, it truly is a life saver!"  PARC Parent

Trips this year included: Diggerland

 Swimming & Horse Riding


 Legoland Windsor

"My child gets to safely go on day trips that we wouldn't be able to take him on and his siblings get to do 'normal' activities while he is gone"  PARC Parent

At the PARC Centre: African Drumming

Foam Party & Bouncy Castle

"It's a fantastic break for Harry and gives him the opportunity to play independently in a safe environment.  We'd be lost without PARC!"  PARC Parent

All of our PARC staff, children and parents would like to say a big big THANK YOU to all who support our services, as without you we wouldn't be able to run our Holiday play schemes, or any of the services that PARC provides to families in Essex.

"The Holiday Play Scheme is so important to me as a parent of a disabled special needs young person.  There are no other schemes that give the variety and value for money in the Essex area. As a working parent, it is fantastic that I can rely on PARC.  My daughter has fun, is safe and well cared for during each session.  The team are an amazing, caring, well organised bunch of people who make sure that the children get the most from the play scheme.  A big thank you to all the team for their help and assistance in providing this valuable and much needed service."  

PARC Parent

To find out how you can get involved with PARC, visit our Fundraising pages.


You can also see what our Under 5's Group did during the 2015 Summer Holidays HERE

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