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Last Saturday, during both our Whizzy and Vulnerable Activity Clubs, we were lucky enough to have a visit from the very cute and cuddly animals from Ark Farm ~ an educational mobile farm experience, giving kids the chance to learn about animals in a fun and hands on environment.

Both children and staff had a wonderful time meeting Ark's donkey, ducks and chickens, geese and goats, and their beautiful farm dog, a golden labrador, that the children learned all about.

We love being able to put on activities like these, as many of our PARC children cannot visit mainstream farms, so our Great Notley centre is the perfect familiar place, allowing them the freedom to enjoy these types of experiences, and to have fun with their friends!

A huge thank you to all our PARC team and the Ark Farm staff for another great session!

We look forward to more of these to come.

Please enjoy a photo diary from the day :)


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