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Mikey Hewett @ Xpect Gym

At our summer fun day the good people at Xpect gym Braintree were kind enough to donate a 1 months gym membership pass. The lucky winner was PARC Essex youth club member Michael Hewett. We went down to the gym to see how he was finding the experience.

Michel Hewett who has Worster-Drought syndrome is no stranger to hard work as he ran the Braintree 5 mile for PARC Essex last year raising £1000 in the process. As we hit the gym he went straight to the weight machines working on his abs, triceps, and a number of other muscles that mean very little to a non gym man like me but it was great to see his excitement and willingness to get onto the different machines.

His PA Tom was with him to check and show him how to use each machine. He was excellent setting Michael targets, encouraging and matching every ounce of Michael's enthusiasm. His engagement allowed Michael to enjoy the experience to fullest and like he was any other gym user. After spending a little bit of time on the cross trainer and treadmill (only the one showing the Simpsons on the screen of course) we left Michael to enjoy a well deserved dip in the Jacuzzi.

It was so good to see the prize going to someone so deserving but even better to see it going to one of our young people who without question got so much out of the experience and not being made to feel like his condition was an issue He was just enjoying working out at the gym like anyone else!

Big thanks to the guys at Xpect Gym Braintree for allowing us to come into the gym and John Nutburn of Rainbow Living who source Mikey's excellent PAs.

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