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Avanti Quiz Night for PARC Essex

Avanti Quiz Night Collage.jpg

Last Friday Night at the Bocking Arts Club, 17 eager and excited teams came together to raise money for PARC Essex and battle it out to see who was the smartest at the Avanti Quiz Night. There were a number of representatives from PARC including our super Under 5s team Amanda, Juliet & Paula, Team leaders Waddle and Stacey, Committee member Kirk, fundraisers Jess and myself and our Finance gurus Paul and Kim whose team The Four Topless Barmen went on to WIN!!! Great for PARC not so great for those who have to share the office with Paul mind you!!!

The quiz night combined with the raffle (which pulled in some amazing prizes it must be said) raised an incredible £1800 for PARC Essex! A simply superb result. We are Avanti's Charity of the year and they will be raising money throughout 2015 to buy new toys and activities for the children to have fun with at PARC.

A special thank you to Natalie Guise, Laura Maddison and Roxanne Seabourne from Avanti for putting on a cracking event that raised so much money for PARC Essex! Thank you.

To find out more about Avanti and their services click here.

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