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If you are business and want to get involved but you're not quite sure how, then why not form a Partnership with PARC?


Todays world is full of Corporate and Business partnerships with charities including:


Marks & Spencer and Oxfam

Boots and Macmillan

Barcelona FC and Unicef

Office Shoes and Breast Cancer Care


There are many more examples of businesses connecting with charities that not only help to raise large sums of money for the charities but provide the businesses with the opportunity to improve their reputation with their own customers. 





Working alongside PARC you and your team could get involved in a number of different ways that can help us continue to deliver our service to the children but also benefit your own business through the enhancement of your brand. 



  • Corporate Social Responsibility Working with us could be at the heart of your organisation’s CSR strategy and giving back to the community

  • Marketing – Working with PARC can tie in with your organisations brand and what you stand for providing you with the perfect opportunity to communicate that to your existing customers and potential new customers. 

  • Team Development – Working with PARC can give your staff added motivation to continue working for you and being the best advocates for your company. The knowledge that they helping and supporting a good local cause holds more weight than most would imagine, and could enable you to keep your best staff. 



"Working together we can tailor make projects and marketing strategies to fit your business needs and engage with your staff."



This could be sponsoring key fundraising events or funding new activities for the children or the salaries of our excellent staff who keep this place alive.


Previous projects have included:


Tamdown Construction buying Christmas Presents for all of our Children at our Christmas grotto

and the final sessions before Christmas


BlueFin Insurance sponsoring trips to Adventure Island


G+G Gallo volunteering and providing refreshments and Raffle prizes at our Christmas Grotto 



We can also create strategies that will ensure maximum exposure and publicity for your brand and involvement with us and help your business reach new customers. 


Here is a short video that G+G Gallo made of our Christmas Grotto showing what PARC is and why they work with us. 









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To discuss ideas and opportunities in more depth then please contact Ashley Roye on 01376 528999




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