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Our sensory room is a great space for any child as our specialist facilities can be used in a variety of different ways depending on each individual child's needs.


With an under water theme throughout, we have a range of interactive equipment which can be used to promote a calming experience, while encouraging development.  When this room is open the children have free access so they can choose if they want to use the room and its facilities.


This is a great space for children who are deaf or blind or who have sensory processing difficulties.
















Our PARC Sensory Room includes a waterbed, bubble tube, voice activated ladder lights, an infinity tunnel, fibrotic lights, mirrors,

H2O projector, UV Carpet, UV equipment, sound equipment, mirror ball and fibrotic tunnel.


These are just some of the benefits associated with using multi sensory facilities like the ones found in our PARC Sensory room:


Supports the development of communication

Enhances sensory skills, hand eye-co-ordination and cause and effect response

Assists the development of social and emotional skills

Reduces tension and increases relaxation

Provides fun and enjoyment for all children and abilities

Improves levels of concentration, alertness, calmness and general awareness


If you feel your child would benefit from using our PARC Sensory Room and would like to find out some more information,

then please contact our centre manager Kyle on: 01376 528999 or email:




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Many of our facilities are also available for private hire outside of our scheduled sessions.  

You can find out more on our PARC Centre Hire Page or if you would like to discuss the options available then please contact

our centre manager Jade on 01376 528999 or email:

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