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His mum was struggling with his behaviour in mainstream play settings and nursery, and suspected he may have autism.


A short time later he was diagnosed, and PARC’s Family Support Team were able to help the family through the diagnostic process.


The family attended our specialist sessions, which supported them in establishing secure routines, personalised communication systems and a visual timetable. As a result, Evan’s behaviour become more under control and speech started to emerge.


As Evan’s mum started to get her confidence back, PARC encouraged her to visit some local nurseries with the support of their team.


Thanks to this support, she managed to enrol Evan in a local SEN nursery, where he has since flourished.


You can find out more about our specialist play sessions HERE

Evan (whose name has been changed) came to PARC with his mum and his younger brother, before his condition was diagnosed.

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