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PARC (Essex) aims to provide play and recreation facilities for children with additional needs in Essex and short break care for their families and carers.


PARC believes every child has a right to play, and children with disabilities need play opportunities which allow for individuality and ability whilst ensuring safety, freedom and choice.




PARC (Essex) is a short break centre for children and young adults with disabilities and additional needs. PARC is not an educational facility, we ensure that all children have the right to play in a safe and secure environment that can cater to their individual needs and abilities.


All the children, young adults and families who access PARC are attending because they already have a diagnosis or the family already know their child has an additional need. Children and young adults do not need a formal diagnosis to access PARC and we are able to meet the varying and individual needs of all children and young adults with SEND (Special educational needs and disabilities).


We as a team are not just here for the children, we are also here to help and support the family as a whole unit.


For further information visit Our Services or Learning and Development Pages, or Contact PARC.



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