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As we are Ofsted rated we complete the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) on all the children who fit into this age range.

As a wraparound service we do not usually complete the full framework as this will be done by the child’s main setting but if

the child only access PARC then the full framework will be completed with parental input along the way. If your child already has

access to another setting then our Family Activity Club team, with permission, will contact your child’s other setting to ensure the

same targets are being worked on to guarantee consistency amongst settings.






At PARC we work as a team to ensure the children are provided with the best possible care.


We have a number of policies and procedures that are compiled with reference to the EYFS and are regimentally followed

to ensure thesafety of the children at all times. These documents can be accessed via our website or hard copies can be given

out on request.


Due to the nature of the children we care for behaviour and medical plans are often needed to ensure the safety of those children

and others. If the children do not respond to our general behaviour rules then we will implement behaviour plans in

conjunction with parents and nurseries or schools to ensure a consistent approach. Medical care plans and administration of

medicines are common practice within PARC. Staff are supported by the Specialist Health Care Task Team and we undergo

extensive training to ensure any medical needs such as Epilepsy and Gastrostomy Feeding are able to be done on site without

the need for parents to stay. Being trained to complete these tasks ensure that the child is properly cared for whilst

accessing PARC and the parents can have a complete break whilst their child is here.





During the holiday period especially we ensure the children are able to access community provision.


Planned outings are arranged to suit their needs such as swimming, activity centres, farms and zoos as well as allowing

agencies into the centre to provide fun activities such as sensory story readings, animal encounters and African drumming.




The PARC centre is a purpose built building for children with disabilities. We have a designated parking area for our

families and staff and the centre is completely wheelchair accessible as well as all of our play equipment. We have disabled

changing and toilet facilities which include an electronic changing bed and hoist.


We have in the past had parents whose first language is not English. To ensure communication was not an issue we looked

for volunteers who would come into the centre and translate between the staff and parents. This worked well and they were

also able to translate our policies and procedures and any letters when needed. This is something we would happily

do again if we had other families in the same situation.



As there is no formal referral process and parents can contact us direct. All parents are asked to fill out an in depth registration form and provide us with any medical details to ensure all help and support is in place before the child access their first session.

These details are then updated twice a year to ensure all the information on the children is relevant.


For further information please contact or call the centre direct on 01376 528999.



As all of the children accessing PARC have a disability of additional need, all our resources and activities are already geared up for the children's individuality.  


Our team leaders plan sessions in advance and then once children are booked into their sessions they will ensure the activities are tailored to the individual needs to ensure they get the most out of the session.


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