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PARC (Essex) offers services that cover a wide range of activities with children of every age and ability, including Under 5's Services,

Activity Clubs, Youth Club, Weekend and Holiday Respite.  We also offer a Sunday Family Activity Club and a Sports Club.


Above all PARC is a place where children can develop, learn and have fun, in a safe and friendly environment that

caters for their individual needs. 


At PARC working with parents is an extremely important part of the daily running of our services.


PARC operates an ‘open door’ policy and invites parents to discuss their child’s needs on a regular basis.


We always do our best to provide as much face to face feedback as possible but to ensure nothing is missed we provide feedback forms

at the end of every session so the parents can see their levels of enjoyment and even what they had to eat and drink during the session.


All parents are encouraged to be involved as much as they want to be from the onset. 


We require them to fill out a registration pack for their child which gives us a lot of information to ensure we can care

for their child appropriately.  This information is then reviewed twice a year to ensure we are as up to date as possible.


If the children attending are completing the EYFS then parental input is required throughout the programme.


Parents are encouraged to talk to the staff on the door on a daily basis and we have a Family Support Manager who is available 

for more in depth conversations, help and support.


We are run by a parent led committee which any parent or professional can join if they wish and we have an annual AGM,

which parents are invited to attend.


As and when we look to change any services we hold parent consultation evenings so parents can have their say on what goes on at PARC.


PARC is run by a parent led committee, the majority who at one stage or another have had children attend PARC.


All of PARC’s managers and team leaders are Level 3 or above qualified and three have a teaching qualification.


Staff undergo training on a regular basis and have a vast knowledge around children with SEND.


On top of all the required training we have a number of staff members who have completed SENCO training, Makaton,

Equality Care and Restraint, Moving and Handling, First Aid, Safeguarding, Epilepsy and Gastrostomy Awareness and extra medical training to ensure we can support all the children and young adults accessing our centre.



As a setting we work alongside many agencies and professionals to ensure we can provide a holistic approach to the care of

the children. We are supported by an Area SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) for our under 5’s and the Specialist

Health Care Task Team.


We also work closely with schools and nurseries, Early Support, Families in Focus, Brainwave, SENCAN, Interact and the Children with Disabilities Team.


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